Survival Run

Carolina Beach State Park

The WRRC Survival Run is an adventure trail event open to club members only.  Normally held in January, the run can be a bit nippy.  You will be rewarded at the finish with a hot coffee and bagels.  Because of our great relationship with Carolina Beach State Park, they normally invite us to dine inside the warm confides of their visitor center....right next to the stuffed opossums.  There are usually two courses:  short ( 5 ish)  and long (10 ish).  Distances vary from year to year depending on course conditions.  

Things to know:

  • Course will NOT be marked.  Follow your map, not other runners.  They are lost.
  • Run with a buddy.  It is always more fun to be lost in the woods with a friend.
  • Don't get lost for too long.  
  • Course may be rugged.  Don't wear new shoes.
  • Sign up early.  We are limited on the number of runners allowed in the park.
The Survival Run has been a club tradition for a long time.  We have not permanently lost a runner yet.  All come out of the woods......eventually.  Click here to REGISTER  NOW!  

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